For 91 Days in Buenos Aires – The E-Book

All of the articles which we wrote during our three months in Buenos Aires have now been collected in an e-book, along with over 220 of our very best, full-color images. With an index sorted by category, links to the original blog posts, and cross-references spread throughout, the e-book is a perfect companion for a trip to Argentina’s amazing capital city.

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Direct Download: (PDF, MOBI, EPUB) – Paypal

For just a few bucks, you can download your own copy of the book for use on your e-reader or computer, giving you access to our anecdotes and articles wherever you are, without having to connect to the internet. And, buying the e-book is a great way to support our project… take a look at some sample pages from the PDF.

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  1. kris

    I am going to Buenos Aires at the end of September and I will stay over there for a month. I am bit concerned about the safety in this town as some of my friends warned me not to walk alone on the street at night. Does anyone of you have any bad experience from Buenos Aires? Should I use taxi at night? Public transport? I will appreciate any advice

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