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Buenos Aires from Day to Night

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If your schedule allows it, spend a whole day without any plans wandering around the streets of Buenos Aires. Put the guidebook and map away, and just take in the city in all its insane glory. And when you get tired, grab a window seat in the nearest Bar Notable, and watch the people and traffic of one of the world’s most entertaining cities pass by.

Here are some photographs I took during one of my recent wanderings:

Tango Couple
Dog Walker Buenos Aires
Cutest Dog
Airplane Playground
Bombereos Buenos Aires
Bomberos La Boca
Bomberos Antiques
Bar Notable
Buenos Aires Art
Buenos Aires Hotels
Deco Buenos Aires
Lion Head Buenos Aires
Romans Buenos Aires
Nature House Argentina
Modern Art
San Telmo Art
San Telmo Shopping
San Telmo Sights
San Telmo Blog
Smallest House San Telmo
Subte Maria
Unique Architecture
Water Delivery
Travel Blog
San Telmo
Buenos Aires at Night
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Buenos Aires Is Like…

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Buenos Aires Angel

Buenos Aires is Buenos Aires, and comparing it to other cities is probably a mistake. Still, it’s hard to avoid. Many people have observed that BA is like a combination of New York and Paris, but I recognize other cities as well! Depending on the barrio I’m in, I can pick out resemblances to Berlin, Valencia, Hong Kong and even San Francisco. What cities do you see in BA?

Here are some more random Buenos Aires pictures:

Statues Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Parks
Avenida Buenos Aires
Traffic Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Birds
Thirst Parrots Buenos Aires
Skyscrapers Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Architecture
Calle Florida Buenos Aires
Shopping Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Homeopatia Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Clock
Buenos Aires Hills
Crazy Dude
Sweet Woman
Typical Cafe Buenos Aires
Tech Trash
Buenos Aires Parking
Pussy Attack
French Bulldog Antiques
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Buenos Aires from Day to Night
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