Buenos Aires from Day to Night

Tango Sign - Buenos Aires Day and Night

If your schedule allows it, spend a whole day without any plans wandering around the streets of Buenos Aires. Put the guidebook and map away, and just take in the city in all its insane glory. And when you get tired, grab a window seat in the nearest Bar Notable, and watch the people and traffic of one of the world’s most entertaining cities pass by.

Here are some photographs I took during one of my recent wanderings!

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  1. Jimena

    Beautiful pictures 😀


    Hey guys, Don in Savannah, Georgia…..remember your footprints here? You really should go to TIGRE ….if you have not…take ride on canal…you will love it…click click

  3. Kristin M

    Beautiful photos! That puppy is adorable!

  4. Débora

    Gooorgeous pictures. May I ask where the thin house with the green door is located? I think I’m in love. I assume San Telmo?

    Oh, and also, if you want to take a look at a neighborhood which also has lovely architecture, at least for me: Palermo neighborhood (which is huge), but about Coronel Niceto Vega St., Godoy Cruz St., Paraguay St. aaand Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz Av.


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