Parrilla Desnivel

No type of restaurant is more characteristic of Buenos Aires than the parrilla. Just around our neighborhood, there are at least six hundred thousand parrillas. Six thousand million restaurants with open barbecue pits where steaks, sausages and offal are grilled to perfection and served to the bloodthirsty meat-eaters of the city.

Desnivel Parilla Buenos

You might think one parrilla can’t all that different from the others. It’s grilled meat. How can a particular restaurant excel at that? But the quality actually varies widely, and so we wanted to choose correctly for our introduction to the art. And upon seeing the crowds packed inside Restaurante Desnivel, we made our choice. No surprise that Desnivel is so popular: the prices are low, the meat is high quality, and the service is quick, if a little brusque. No frills.

Parilla meat Buenos Aires

The steak I ordered was incredible. This was my first true Argentine slab of meat, and it was thick and delicious. Faultless. The rest of our food was great too, but paled in comparison to that steak. So juicy, I wanted dump the wine out of my glass, wring out my steak into it, and drink the bloody grease with my pinkie finger stuck out like a fancy caveman. So juicy, I wanted to use it as the world’s most delicious pillow, and lick it while I slept.

Because Desnivel is so popular, you might have to exhibit some patience before getting a table. It’s chaotic and loud, but if you’re looking for a perfectly grilled steak that won’t set you back too much cash, you can’t go wrong here.

Restaurante Desnivel
Defensa 855
Tel: 11 4300 9081

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  1. Maite

    loooooooool!!! omg! I almost die while reading your description of the “juicy” steak!!!
    Yeah! we are so proud of our meat, it’s sooo tasty and we are all fans of it!
    Go to other places and compare, you will find different kind of grilled steaks. You have to ask a “parrillada”. That you asked was just a slab of steak with potatos, but the parrillada is not that. The parrillada has not only different kind of meat but also sausages, “morcilla”, “chinchulines” and liver. You have to ask for that and then you’ll be able to say that you have eaten “parrillada” or “asado”.

    Wait for your next post!!

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