Tour of the Casa Rosada

The US might have the White House, but Argentina has the Pink House. The Casa Rosada at the eastern extreme of the Plaza de Mayo is the seat of the country’s government, where the President and her staff work. On weekends, you can tour the building for free.

Tour of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires

Unlike America’s White House, the President doesn’t live inside the Casa Rosada. But very much like America’s Jennifer Lopez, the building is most frequently photographed from behind. The front of the Casa Rosada faces towards Parque Colón, and people taking pictures from the Plaza de Mayo are actually admiring its boomin’ rear facade. The back balcony is where Eva Peron delivered her famous speeches.

Casa Rosada Guard in Buenos Aires

Evita’s presence still looms large over the Casa Rosada, which is more correctly known as the Casa del Gobierno. Along with a huge group of about 60, mostly Argentinians, we were led the premises around by a decoratively outfitted soldier. There was a gallery of important South American leaders, a gorgeous courtyard with a fountain, classic artwork on the walls and stunning interior architecture. We were able to get out onto the balcony, and look out over the Plaza just as Evita once did. I’ll give you one guess what song I was humming. We were even allowed entrance into the President’s office.

The house’s strange color has a poetic meaning of its own. Pink was chosen as a way to soothe relations between rival political parties, by symbolically mixing their colors: red and white. It looks beautiful, particularly at dusk. The Casa Rosada has been the heart of Argentine politics since the country’s founding.

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