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The Unbeatable Ice Cream of Buenos Aires

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Make Ice Cream At Home

From across the Atlantic, Argentina sounds out the challenge to its frumpy ancestor Italy. “Hey, you think you got good pizza? How you like these fugazzas? Oh, you’re proud of your famous Italian ice cream? LOL! Nobody but nobody beats Buenos Aires for ice cream! Student becomes the master, punk!”

Ice Cream Dulce De Leche

Until we spend 91 days in Italy, I won’t dare render a verdict in this competition, but Buenos Aires makes a strong case for itself. The pizza here, as we’ve said more than a few times, is amazing. And the ice cream… well, it might even be better.

Helado shops dot nearly every corner of the city, and porteños are rightfully proud of how good their ice cream is. Regardless of how full we’ve just stuffed ourselves at dinner, a pit stop for ice cream always seems like a good idea. The most typically Argentine flavor is Dulce de Leche. Creamy and almost sickeningly sweet, every shop offers it, as well as variations on the theme. Dulce de Leche with Brownies. Super Dulce de Leche. Dulce de Leche Fantástico.

That’s not all there is to choose from. The selection of flavors at most shops is overwhelming, and I always try and sample something new. Around ten pesos will get you the smallest cone, but don’t be fooled by its tiny size: the amount they’re able to pack into it is remarkable. Generally, people get two compatible flavors in one cone… Dulce de Leche and Crema Rusa, Lemon and Raspberry. Most ice cream shops even have delivery services, which is both hilarious and awesome.

For my taste, Argentina basically wins the World Food Competition. Other countries may have fancier fare, but the staples of Argentine cuisine are: pizza, ice cream, steaks, coffee and wine. That’s just tough to beat. It’s kind of unfair.

What is Dulce de Leche?

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El Cuartito – Pizza & Empanadas

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The Art of Making Pizza

Step into a time warp and a grab a table at El Cuartito: one of Buenos Aires’ oldest and most popular pizzerias. With vintage boxing and football posters covering the walls, a frantic waiter running around the tables to take orders and deliver food, and the most delicious pizza I’ve eaten in quite some time, this incredible restaurant is one of the city’s best.

Pizza Waiter

El Cuartito has been in business since 1934. Found in Recoleta, it’s a busy place during lunch; you can either order at the counter or sit down for service. Well you’ll get service if you can grab the waiter, which isn’t so easy. And once you do get his attention, don’t expect him to patiently answer all the questions you may have about the menu. While taking our order, he didn’t even pause at our table, just slowed down his pace a bit as he passed by.

The prices at El Cuartito are great and the pizza is out of this world. At least, it is if you like cheese, mounds of heavy cheese dripping off every slice. A lot of people might turn their noses up at this style of pie, but I was in heaven. We ordered the medium size (“chico”), which came with six slices. You can combine different styles of pizza, and try out a variety; we went with the Atómica and the Cuartito. The empanadas are another house specialty, and we got one filled with spicy beef. We noticed that a lot of locals were skipping on pizza entirely and had a meal of two or three empanadas.

Dessert was a silly idea. My stomach was already full to the breaking point, but when we saw the dish served to a guy at a nearby table, we couldn’t resist. “Eso! Lo quiero también!” I shouted at the waiter as he zipped by. Minutes later a rich portion of flan, with a side of sweet, carmelly dulce de leche was set in front of us.

El Cuartito instantly vaulted itself onto my list of favorite places, and I would have to return. But there were so many other pizzerias to try! Suffice to say, weight maintenance was a constant struggle during our time in Buenos Aires. If you’ve got some restaurant tips, leave a comment or let us know!

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The Unbeatable Ice Cream of Buenos Aires
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