Metropolitan Buenos Aires

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Metropolis Buenos Aires

Groups of shouting Brazilians, skyscraper window cleaners, gallery-worthy graffiti, costumed kings and queens roaming the streets… you never know what picture opportunities are going to present themselves when you step out. Now that fall has begun, Buenos Aires has changed a little. Kids are back to school, and people are back to work… luckily for us, the city’s compelling beauty stays the same!

Art Buenos Aires
Abstract Buenos Aires
1887 Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Hipster
Casa Catalan
Paradise Bird Argentina
Crying Prince
Fight Buenos Aires
Wine Festival Buenos Aires
Jean Claude Van Damm
Panda Art
Opera Building Society
Hoe Does Good Look Like?
Kiosco Buenos Aires
Laundry Buenos Aires
Magic Buenos Aires
Mirror Dude
Naked Woman
Oldmobile Buenos Aires
Pirate House Buenos Aires
World Cup Brazil
Posing Argentina
Plaza Italia
Republica San Telmo
Scary Graffiti
Trapped Bears
Teatro Buenos Aires
Sunset Buenos Aires

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  1. Jime

    Hey guys, really really really great pictures! I love them all! Specially the mirrors one!

  2. Isabella Davis

    what can I say! Always wonderful images,incredibly diversified!I’m enjoying my trip with out even leaving the house!

  3. Javier Lopez Zavaleta

    Oh men!!! The guy in that blue car is me!!!

    1. Juergen

      This is so cool. Do you still have the car? We will be back in BA … soon! To update our blog and book.

      1. Javier Lopez Zavaleta

        Yes, of course I still have the car (It´s a 1937 ford v8 coupe club). Every saturday we go for a ride through the city, and we are still doing this in 2015 🙂 What a coincidence that you tooke that photo.

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