The Barfy Burger and Other Random Pictures

Pictures were taken with this camera

“Well, I just don’t know why our burger brand don’t seem to be catching on English-speaking countries!” Ha… I have to confess, I was tempted to try one! Buenos Aires is full of fun little oddities, some of which I hope to capture in my photography. Enjoy another set of Pukey Pictures!

Places to stay in Buenos Aires

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  1. Maite

    Really nice pics guys! 🙂 I really enjoy them!

  2. Brad Powell

    Wonderful pics….again. Thanks. I saw on the Travel Channel (Andrew Zimmer)that in BA, peanut butter is unknown and cosidered disgusting. This correct?

  3. Jime

    To Brad: It’s not unknown, but we are not used to it… Insted of it we have Dulce de Leche! mmm… Yummy!

  4. Juergen

    I can totally see that. Someone takes a spoon a of peanut butter but expects Dulce de Leche. Would be quite a surprise.

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